India Served and Observed


A joint husband-and-wife autobiography of their time in Bihar from 1931 to independence, reflecting their passionate interest in Indian art and culture. 25 illustrations, map

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An autobiography by Dr Mildred Archer and her husband, the late Dr WG Archer, each an authority in their own right on different aspects of Indian art, with international reputations needing no elaboration. He wrote of his time in India as an ICS officer, mainly in Bihar, from 1931 to Independence. She recorded their daily activities, but from an unconventional angle. Both took an unusual interest in Indian art, many aspects of which were then almost completely unknown in the West. Both held socialist views and had Indian friends before they reached India.

When they returned, reluctantly, to England their unique knowledge of primitive and sophisticated Indian paintings led to a stream of learned articles and books from both his base at the Victoria & Albert Museum and hers at the India Office Library. The first comprehensive bibliography of their work forms a valuable appendix to this important, impressive and very readable book. Full of interesting personal detail, this will stand as a monument to the achieve- ments of a unique couple.

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