BACSA receives generous donations every year, both financial and in kind. The majority are from members, but non-members also contribute. We receive reports and photographs of cemeteries visited, and donations for help in locating a relative’s grave. Each issue of Chowkidar carries reviews of books, some of whose authors have donated amounts to BACSA for every copy of their book sold. Some donations are in kind, where people have given their time to do a particular task for the Association, for example reviewing a book for Chowkidar. Although not all donors can be listed, every donation is received with gratitude to further BACSA’s work.

Donations in 2021

Financial donations
The Inchcape Foundation
Countess Mountbatten of Burma
Mr Richard Broyd
Lady Wade-Gery

Second-hand books
Lady Wade-Gery
The late Miss Joan Evans
Mr Martin Smith
Mrs Jane Manaster
Mr Desmond Higgins

Donations in kind
Mr John Randall Mr Philip Davies
Mr Charles Dixon

Cemetery visit reports and photographs
Mr Arvind Thornton Jr

Donations in 2020

Financial donations
The Inchcape Foundation
The estate of the late Major D A Garnier
Mr Alan Tritton

Second-hand books
Mrs Anna Ahmed
Miss Caroline Whitehead
Mr Alan Tritton
The late Sir John Thomson

Cemetery visit reports and photograph
Dr Ian Radford

Donations in kind
Mr John Randall – Advice on book values.

Donations in 2019

Financial donations
JP Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust
The Estate of the late Mrs Ann Dargie
Mrs Jean Withinshaw
Mr Alan Tritton
Bihar & Orissa Reunion
The M StJ Way Charitable Trust

Second-hand books
Sir Colin & Lady Imray
Ms Mandi Abrahams
Dr Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
Mr Martin Moir
Mrs Catherine Sears
Ms Gillian Tindall
Mr Andrew Whitehead
Mr Jerry Losty
The late Mr M London
Mrs Valerie Robinson
Mr Martin Smith

Cemetery and visit reports and photographs
Mr C Williams, Calcutta, Simla & Amritsar
Dr R Raza, Bhuj & Ahmedabad
Dr I Radford, Delhi, Allahabad & Simla
Dr R Llewellyn-Jones, Delhi and Lahore
Mr J Mostyn, Ranikhet
Dr S Ashmore, Bangalore
Mr M Kellett, Macau
Ms M A Prior, Jaipur
Sir Mark Havelock-Allan, Madras
Mr C Greig, Delhi
Mrs A Norman, Neemuch
Ms V Young, Jhansi

Donations in kind
Mr M Smith – Editing the Jhansi cemetery record book
Mr S McClarence – Article on European cemeteries in India
Ms Mary Ann Prior – For her talk at the General Meeting in October
Dr Sarah Rutherford – Advice on heritage value assessment of historic cemeteries
Mr Y Zargar – Leaflet on graves and monuments tourism in India
Mr H Purcell – An extract from After the Raj to be placed on the BACSA website
Mr John Randall – Advice on book values.

If you wish to make a financial donation, please contact the Honorary Secretary, email: