Partition in India and Britain Project

As part of the 75th anniversary of Partition, a new collaboration between SOAS, University of London and the Partition Museum (set up by The Arts And Cultural Heritage Trust) has been launched called Partition in India and Britain.

Partition in India and Britain is an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded collaboration which aims to explore how the 1947 partition of British India affected British and European individuals and families who were stationed in the subcontinent at this time. The project runs from June to the end of October 2022 and is part of a larger SOAS project exploring the legacies of Partition.

Dr Eleanor Newbigin of SOAS will work with researchers and archivists at the Partition Museum and SOAS to build our understanding of this significant time period through interviews and oral histories.

The project organisers would like to hear from individuals who experienced partition or whose family may have been based in India before or during that time, and about how the events of 1947 impacted their lives. They are also interested in talking with relatives and family members either about partition itself or how British presence in India may have shaped the wider family in the longer term.

Material collected will inform the project’s research and potentially contribute to collections at the Partition Museum in Amritsar and Delhi.

The organisers have invited BACSA members to take part in the project.  If you would like to contribute or are interested in receiving further information about the project’s research and events, please contact before the end of October 2022.

The invitation is also on this webpage

PIB is on Facebook @PartitionIndiaBritain and Twitter @PartitionIB

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Tajender Sagoo
Border Crossings Project Coordinator
SOAS University of London