Chowkidar Spring 2019 Preview


`Let me tell you my story,’ began the message from Michael Heath, and it is such an encouraging story of research, discovery and restoration, that it is told here in his own words. ‘I live in Toronto, Canada and since retiring five years ago I have taken on the task of researching and documenting our extended family in Canada and before. It was known in the family that the widow Agnes Heath (my great, great, great grandmother) brought her three children (Charles, Finny and Elizabeth) to Canada in 1836 following the death of her husband in India in 1819. It was understood that they left India sometime after 1819 and spent the intervening years in Switzerland and Italy where the children were educated. Beyond dying in “Camp at Ajanta” (the world famous Buddhist caves) nothing was known of the burial location of my great, great, great grandfather.

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