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Two Monsoons

Before launching BACSA, Theon Wilkinson wrote a book in which he drew attention to the plight of the European cemeteries in India.  His aim was to arouse interest in the problem, especially among ‘old India hands’, and thereby create a favourable groundswell of support for an association dedicated to restoring those cemeteries.  The book’s title Two Monsoons reflected the fleeting life expectancy of the early Europeans in India and contains delightful cameos of their lives – and deaths.

It has never been out of print, and a paperback edition is available from BACSA Books, price £7.50 plus post and packing.

A Bacsa Cemetery Book

A Cemetery Record Book

Cemetery Record Books

One of BACSA’s key objectives is to  record the names of the persons buried in cemeteries so that there will be a written memorial even when, as will sadly be inevitable in many cases, the gravestone or even the entire cemetery will have disappeared.  A series of Cemetery Record Books contains the results of this work for over forty cemeteries. Many are still available from BACSA Books (address above). All may be consulted in the British Library, the other UK copyright libraries, and the Society of Genealogists.

BACSA will continue to publish new record books when it has accumulated sufficient data on a cemetery to justify publication. A digitised index to all the cemetery books has been created and uploaded into our burials database which you can check to discover whether you have an ancestor buried in a cemetery covered by a Record Book.

Bacsa Books

As well as publishing the Cemetery Books BACSA has also produced a series of Bacsa books about life in India during the British Raj.  They are almost all written by Bacsa members, often drawing on their own personal memories and experiences.  Each book gives a picture of one aspect of life in British India. Some are still in print – enquiries to Bacsa Books (address as above).




Second-hand books

BACSA also has available a large number of second-hand books on any and every aspect of Asian history, geography, biography, architecture, archaeology, flora and fauna, travel and current affairs. The main focus is on the subcontinent of India but holdings include books on Central Asia and the Far East. Lists of those available for purchase (at very reasonable prices) are sent out half-yearly to all BACSA members. The funds raised help to pay for BACSA’s cemetery restoration projects.

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