Sir Roy Strong's party

Sir Roy Strong leading a group round South Park Street Cemetery, Calcutta


A lesser known cemetery at Mirzapur in need of restoration

Bacsa has identified well over 1000 cemeteries.  Most of them are in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka but our lists also cover other countries of South and South-East Asia, the Middle East, China and Japan.  Some like the South Park Street Cemetery in Calcutta are well known, but many are not.  Small ones and isolated graves are still coming to light.

Bacsa’s archives contain files on most of these cemeteries, some of them bulging with reports on their condition, photographs, and lists of memorial inscriptions of those buried in them.  But Bacsa is always pleased to receive a fresh report and photographs of a cemetery’s condition.  And on some cemeteries we may have little up-to-date information, or even none at all.  So you may be the first person to report on a cemetery for many years, or even the first ever.  As well as photographs showing the condition of the cemetery, we welcome photographs of architecturally interesting tombs and inscriptions to historically important personages or simply of curious interest.  Click here for advice on visiting cemeteries.

Make a report

Bacsa would be grateful for a report on any cemeteries you visit, and we have a standard Visitors Report Form for this purpose, but if  you can amplify this with a fuller description of the cemetery’s condition with a few photographs to illustrate it, so much the better.  Photographs and details of particularly interesting tombs or inscriptions will be welcome.  Listing all the inscriptions will usually take much too long, but if you are able to do it Bacsa will be most grateful.  If you are intending to visit a cemetery it will be worth checking with Bacsa to see what information we already have, and we may be able to supply you with a map showing its location.

For a selection of cemetery photos visit the Bacsa Gallery