Cemetery files

St John's Church, Meerut

St John’s Church, Meerut

The cemetery files are the principal series in the archive, and there is a file for almost all the cemeteries known to Bacsa.  The cemeteries are listed below by geographical area.   Click on the relevant area to see the list.

Theon Wilkinson created a file for any cemetery he knew of in the hope that sooner or later information would come in. And it often has, so if you are lucky you may find any or all of the following on the cemetery which interests you: reports  and photographs of  its condition before and (if there has been repair work) after conservation, lists of burials and inscriptions, and correspondence about the cemetery especially if a conservation project was under consideration. However some files still contain very little, perhaps only one page noting the cemetery’s existence and a few details about it.

The cemeteries are listed below by geographical area.   Click on the relevant area to see the list.

The files sometimes go beyond just cemetery matters: there may also be information on the towns in which they are located, on individuals and families buried in them, indeed on anything which may be of interest. And there are separate series of United Kingdom monumental inscriptions relating to India, family histories, and reference materials: see other archive resources for these.

The Bacsa archivists will be pleased to receive photographs and reports to add to the archive.  A fresh report on a well visited cemetery will update our information on its condition, while one on a cemetery off the beaten track may well be the first news we have on it.  Click here for further advice on visiting cemeteries.


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Where are they?

While it was being built up the archive was not generally available but for many years now it has been open to public access at the British Library in London where it is held as an individual collection in the India Office Private Papers (reference Mss Eur F370) and can be consulted in the Asian and African Studies Reading Room.  Persons wishing to do so must have a British Library Reader Pass: click here for details of how to obtain one.

On your first visit the staff on the Enquiry Desk will be happy to explain how to order the files.  Should you have any questions regarding the  files which they cannot answer, one of the Bacssa archivists Richard Bingle or David Blake may be able to help: email either   richard.bingle@btopenworld.com or dandmblake@btinternet.com