Examples of conservation projects


Cleaning a tomb at Hazaribagh

A crucial first task in cemetery restoration is to secure the boundary walls of the site, and Bacsa has made a number of grants for work of this kind.  At the Agra Cantonment Cemetery, for example, where every existing grave was recorded,  money was allocated in a phased programme to restore and heighten the cemetery walls.

In Bihar and Jharkhand Bacsa’s main efforts have focused on Hazaribagh, in modern day Jharkhand (previously part of Bihar). Working closely with Bulu Imam, convenor of the local INTACH Chapter, Bacsa has supported the restoration of the Old BritishCemetery (1790-1835) opposite the Catholic Cathedral, which contains some fine Georgian tombs, and the far larger Hurhuru Cemetery (1835-) which is in the southern suburbs of modern day Hazaribagh.   Our partnership with INTACH in Hazaribagh is a powerful example of what Bacsa can achieve when we establish a long term relationship with a skilled, enthusiastic and motivated partner who is able to enthuse the local community.

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The Gatehouse at Jhansi


At Jhansi where the cantonment cemetery was in a desolate condition, a Bacsa grant was put towards restoring the Gothic gatehouse, clearing the undergrowth, delineating paths and cleaning.


Rebuilding the wall at the old British Christian Cemetery,  Multan.

Rebuilding the wall at the old British Christian Cemetery, Multan.

Bacsa is of course active in Pakistan as well as India, and in the financial yearending April 2015 grants were made to cemeteries at Mian Mir, Lahore, and Multan, in each case for work on the boundary walls.  At Multan Bacsa was pleased to be able to work with a local body  the Remedy, Welfare and Development Organization (RWDO), which received a substantial grant for the major rebuilding work required.

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Latest news on Grants

Bacsa’s Executive Committee has made numerous grants over the last twelve months, among them:

Bangalore: Kulpully Roman Catholic Cemetery.  A grant for photographic record of the cemetery, comprising two images of each tomb, one of the grave as a whole and a close-up of the inscription.

The inscription to xxx.  one of the photographs taken in the Kulpully Roman Catholic cemetery.

The grave of Emily Grace Grey, one of the photographs taken in the Kulpully Roman Catholic cemetery.

Kotah cemetery, Rajasthan.  One of the cemeteries in receipt of a regular Bacsa maintenance grant.

The cemetery's exemplary condition fully justifies  its maintenace grant.

The cemetery’s exemplary condition fully justifies its maintenace grant..