Examples of conservation projects

A crucial first task in cemetery conservation is to secure the site, and Bacsa has made several grants for work of this kind. For example, at the Haigh Road Cemetery in Saugar, Madhya Pradesh, India, a grant contributed to repairing the boundary wall and gate in 2018.

Lovedale Cemetery

Lovedale Cemetery at the Lawrence School

Our partnership with the Lawrencian Association to conserve the Lawrence School Cemetery in Nilgiris, India, is a powerful example of what Bacsa can achieve when we have an enthusiastic and motivated partner who is able to enthuse the local community.

Sydenham Tomb

Sydenham Tomb, Hyderabad Residency Cemetery

The cemetery of the former British Residency in Hyderabad, India, was in a desolate condition until the Deccan Heritage Foundation joined Bacsa in 2016 to conserve the graveyard. Once the project is completed in 2019-2020, the cemetery and the restored former Residency will be an attractive destination for the local community and tourists alike.

Schwaiger Tomb

Schwaiger Tomb, Nicholson Cemetery, Delhi

Bacsa’s project to conserve Delhi’s Nicholson or Cashmere Cemetery is another example of cooperation. The Delhi Chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage is Bacsa’s local conservation partner. The estimated project costs are beyond Bacsa’s resources; funding from Indian and British sources will be needed if the project is to succeed.

William Coates Blaquiers Tomb

William Coates Blaquiers Tomb

In Calcutta in 2018, Bacsa funded the conservation of six ‘heritage’ tombs in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery, in cooperation with the Christian Burial Board. One tomb is that of William Coates Blaquiers, the early 19th c head of Calcutta’s police force and founder of its detective department.

Old British Cemetery, Multan. Boundary wall repair

Old British Cemetery, Multan. Boundary wall repair

Bacsa is active in Pakistan where a grant funded repairs to the boundary wall of the Gora Qabristan (Christian Cemetery) in Multan, Punjab. Bacsa was pleased to be able to work with a local body the Remedy, Welfare and Development Organization (RWDO). One of Pakistan’s conservation experts is advising on work to repair the gateway and, possibly, to conserve 19th and 20th c graves.

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