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Recent publications

Agra: Memorials of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Robin Volkers, 2012, 56pp
ISBN 978 0907799 91 7 £12 (Out of stock)
This volume completes the author’s magisterial survey of the three most important cemeteries at Agra

Bangladesh Burials: Monumental Inscriptions in Dhaka and other Cemeteries Susan Farrington, 2012, 205pp
ISBN 978 0907799 90 0 £15.00
The third volume of the author’s trilogy on European graves in Bangladesh, with numerous illustrations, cemetery plans and 2 maps

Bihar: Garden Graves & Isolated Cemeteries in North Bihar Vincent Davies, 2011, 44 pp
ISBN 978 0 907799 87 0 £6.00
British and other burials in plantation gardens and cemeteries, with eight illustrations and map. First published 1990

Bihar: Burial Register of St Paul’s Cathedral Ranchi Vincent Davies, 2011, 24 pp.
ISBN 978 0 907799 88 7 £2.50
List of burials from 1869 to 1944. First published 1987.

Burma Register of European Deaths and Burials edited by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones 2015, 212pp
ISBN 978 0 907799 99 3 £15.00
A comprehensive new edition combining the original Register (1983) and the Supplement (1987), clearly arranged with an index of names and cemeteries and covering burials up to 1948. 10 illustrations including cover and back cover, with a map.

Calcutta: South Park Street: Register of Graves and Standing Tombs (from 1767) 1992, 128pp.
ISBN 0 907799 47 7 £9.00
A comprehensive list of burials in this famous cemetery, which also serves as index to tomb photos in BACSA archive. 9 cemetery plans

Also: The South Park Street Cemetery Calcutta … 2015, 32pp. £5.50
New edition of the booklet describing the cemetery (first published in 1978) by the Association for the Preservation of Historical Cemeteries in India (APHCI). 21 colour illustrations, stiff covers

Cawnpore: its early history and Kacheri Cemetery Guide Zoë Yalland, 2012, 150pp.
ISBN 978 0907799 92 4 £12.00
An engaging history of Kanpur with tomb inscriptions from the old Kacheri cemetery. biographical notes and many illustrations. Combined edition of the author’s two earlier books long out of print

Pachmarhi: The Old Cemetery, Madhya Pradesh, India Walter Reeve, 2010, 47pp.
ISBN 978 0 907799 89 4 £6.00
A record of the burial register and surviving inscriptions at the cemetery in the little hill station of Pachmarhi, with illustrations and map

Salem: The Old Anglican Cemetery Salem, Tamil Nadu Denise Love, 2014, 22p.
ISBN 978 0 907799 94 8 £6.00
Contains results of a recent survey of this historic cemetery

Earlier publications

Many of the following titles are still in print and available from Bacsa Books priced at £6 plus post and packing. All may be consulted in the British Library, the other UK copyright libraries, and the Society of Genealogists. If a book is marked “Out of stock” BACSA are unable to sell you a copy.


Agra Cantonment Cemetery Robin Volkers, 2001, 697pp.
ISBN 0907799 76 0
A record of over 5,000 burials from 1806-1990s, including all existing MIs, with plot diagrams indicating the shape and location of the tombs. 106 illustrations and plans

Agra St Paul’s Cemetery Robin Volkers, 2007, 102pp.
ISBN 0907799 86 8
A record of burials from 1849-1958, monuments, wall tablets and inscriptions, including those at the nearby Tot ka Tal and Sikandra cemeteries. 22 illustrations

Assam and North-East India: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials Eileen Hewson, 2005, 184pp.
ISBN 0 907799 82 5
A comprehensive list of MIs with biographical notes, district by district, including records from churches, 1783-2003. 5 illustrations

[Bihar] Patna and Dinapore Vincent Davies, 1989, 24pp.
ISBN 0 907799 32 9
Short history with biographical notes. 14 illustrations, 2 maps

[Bihar] Monghyr: Short History and its British Cemeteries Vincent Davies, 2003, 40pp
ISBN 0 907799 80 9
The 235 tombstones recorded tell the story of this ‘Invalid’ station from 1768. 12 illustrations, map and plans

Bimlipatam: Christian Cemeteries David Cooke, 1988, 80pp
ISBN 0 907799 28 0
British and Dutch tombs from the 17th century onwards. 40 illustrations , map and plans

Calcutta: South Park Street Maurice Shellim, 1986 (2nd edn), 28pp,
ISBN 0 907799 16 7
On progress in restoring ‘The Great Cemetery’. 8 illustrations 2 plans

Calcutta: French Cemetery Basil La Bouchardiere, 1983, 28pp,
ISBN 0 907799 02 7
A complete record of a cemetery cleared in 1977. 8 illustrations, 4 maps and plans

Darjeeling and the Dooars: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials 1842–1995 Eileen Hewson, 2006, 93pp.
ISBN 0907799 84 1
A record of the cemeteries and isolated graves from this corner of India with MIs and biographical notes on the planters and other notable tombs. 23 illustrations and map

Dehra Dun – Chandranagar Cemetery Aylmer Jean Galsworthy, 1993, 144pp.
ISBN 0 907799 50 7 (Out of stock).
Inscriptions and biographical notes: graves listed by year of death (1820-1912), and endowments (1888-1951). Also lists of army personnel, civilians, stone masons, etc. 20 illustrations and plans

Himalayan Headstones from Ladakh Kashmir Eileen Hewson, 2002, 40pp,
ISBN 0 907799 79 5
A record of the few remaining graves of explorers, sportsmen and missionaries form the mid- 1800s, with biographical details. 20 illustrations and map

Meerut: The First Sixty Years (1815-1875) Alan Harfield, 1992, 360pp.
ISBN 0 907799 43 4
MIs and burial registers. Also a complete listing of the British and Indian regiments there along with a history of the garrison. 30 illustrations

Meerut Part II (1876-1939) Alan Harfield, 1999, 220pp. plans
ISBN 0 907799 62 0
MIs and Burial Registers of Cantonment Cemetery; also Race Course Cemetery and Military Memorials,. 22 illustrations

Munnar, Kerala, India : burials: 1894-1959, 1990, 10pp.
ISBN 0907799361 (Out of stock)

Polibetta, Coorg: Burials at Christ Church 1985, 17pp.
ISBN 0 907799 12 4
Typescript of Register, 1892-1962

Quilon and Trivandrum (Malabar Coast) Peter de Jong (ed), 1992, 56pp.
ISBN 0 907799 42 6
The burial registers of St Thomas’ Church, Quilon (1829-1961) and Christ Church, Trivandrum (1863-1961), with index. 4 illustrations

Vizagapatam and Waltair (from 1699) David Cooke, 1992, 382pp.
ISBN 0 907799 44 2
Covers the Old Dutch, Mors Janua Vitae, and Waltair Cemeteries; also church MIs. Over 70 illustrations

Vizianagram: Cantonment Cemetery David Cooke, 1988, 62pp,
ISBN 0 907799 27 2
British tombs from 1811. 20 illustrations, plans and map


Gilgit: A Guide to the Christian Cemetery, Gilgit, Northern Areas, Pakistan Susan Farrington, 2001, 8pp. With illustrations

Peshawar Cemetery, Pakistan Susan Farrington, 1988 (2nd reprint 2001), 195pp
ISBN 0 907799 30 2
Some 900 MIs dating from 1849. Many illustrations and plans

Peshawar Monumental Inscriptions II Susan Farrington, 1991, 168pp.
ISBN 0 907799 40 X
More inscriptions from churches and other cemeteries. Profusely illustrated, plan

Quetta: Monuments and Inscriptions Susan Farrington, 1992. 270pp.
ISBN 0 907799 45 0
Covers the cemeteries, town’s history, the staff college, railways, churches and the 1935 earthquake. 100 illustrations and plans

Rawalpindi: Cemeteries and Churches Susan Farrington, 1996, 300pp.
ISBN 0 907799 55 8
Covers the main Harley Street Cemetery, with additional MIs from four other cemeteries and plaques from churches. 40 illustrations, plans

Rawalpindi: A Walk round the Harley Street Cemetery Susan Farrington, 1997 (Out of stock)


Chittagong: Christian Cemeteries Susan Farrington and John Radford, 1999, 136pp.
ISBN 0 907799 63 9
MIs and Burial Registers. 70 illustrations, plans

Bangladesh: Tombs in Tea John Radford and Susan Farrington, 2001, 96pp.
ISBN 0 907799 75 2
Covers tea areas in the valleys of Luskerpore, Balisera, Manu/Doloi, Lungla and Juri; also the oldest cemetery in Sylhet town. 45 illustrations, maps and plans

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan

Bangkok: the Protestant Cemetery Justin Corfield, 1997, 272pp.
ISBN 0907799 58 2 (Out of stock)
MIs and complete transcript of the Burial Register from 1861-1972 with background information. Also ten other cemeteries in Bangkok. 30 illustrations, plans

Bencoolen : the Christian cemetery & the Fort Marlborough monuments Alan Harfield, 1986, 106pp.
ISBN 0907799108 (Out of stock)
2 maps

De Mortuis: The Story of Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery R W Wood, 1980, 40pp

Ipoh and Taiping: War Graves and Graves of Europeans in the Cemeteries in Ipoh and Taiping, Perak, Malaysia Justin Corfield, 2000, 108pp.
ISBN 0 907799 70 1
27 illustrations and plan

Java: British and Empire Graves (1743-1975) Justin Corfield, 1999, 188pp.
ISBN 0 907799 61 2
MIs including World War II. 70 illustrations and plans

Kota Bharu (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Hamzah Cemetery Justin Corfield, 1999, 24pp.
ISBN 0 907799 68 X
23 illustrations and plan

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): St Mary’s Cathedral and the Jalan Birch Cemetery Justin Corfield, 2000, 24pp.
ISBN 0 907799 71 X
5 illustrations

Malacca: Christian Cemeteries and Memorials Alan Harfield, 2002 (revised edn). 214pp.
ISBN 0907799 66 3
From the Portuguese time in 1511, through the Dutch occupation 1641-1795 and from 1819-25 to the British period. Includes a short history with lists of churches and MIs; also an account of the local wars with lists of casualties in the Malayan Emergency. 70 illustrations, 8 maps, and plans

Penang: Graves in the Protestant Section of Western Road Cemetery Justin Corfield, 2000, 80pp.
ISBN 0 907799 67 1
27 illustrations and plan

Christian cemeteries of Penang and Perak Alan Harfield, 1987, 195pp.
ISBN 0907799183 (Out of stock)

Seremban, Malaysia: Graves in St Mark’s Churchyard, and the Anglican Section of the Seremban Cemetery E Beavington and Justin Corfield, 2000, 56pp.
ISBN 0 907799 73 6
11 illustrations

Singapore: Early Cemeteries Alan Harfield, 1988 (revised edn), 400pp,
ISBN 0 907799 19 1
Comprehensive record of all main cemeteries. Over 150 illustrations, maps, and plans

Teluk Anson (Malaysia): European Graves in the Jalan Anderson Cemetery Justin Corfield, 2000, 20pp.
ISBN 0 907799 69 8
14 illustrations and plan

Yokohama, Japan: Gaijin Bochi, The Foreigners’ Cemetery Patricia McCabe, 1994. 552pp.
ISBN 0 907799 52 3
Inscriptions including biographical notes of over 4,000 graves from 1854 – the dead of 41 nations rest here – with the inscriptions capturing much of the history of Japan over the last 140 years. Over 100 illustrations, and map

Second-hand books

BACSA also has available a large number of second-hand books on any and every aspect of Asian history, geography, biography, architecture, archaeology, flora and fauna, travel and current affairs. The main focus is on the subcontinent of India but holdings include books on Central Asia and the Far East. Lists of those available for purchase (at very reasonable prices) are sent out half-yearly to all BACSA members. The funds raised help to pay for BACSA’s cemetery restoration projects.

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