Projects Report 2016



Calcutta, The Scottish Cemetery: a grant of £5,000 was made to the Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust for its continuing conservation work.

New Delhi, St James’s Church: Skinner Family Graves: the restoration of these graves was completed.

Bangalore: Kulpully Roman Catholic Cemetery: £550 were granted to make a photographic record of the graves and MIs.  This pilot project will guide ExCo to decide whether to record the graves in Bangalore’s other cemeteries.

Himachal Pradesh: St Patrick’s RC Church, Dagshai:  a second grant of £2,200 was made for repairs to the boundary wall.   

Hazaribagh, Jharkhand: Old British Cemetery: £1,685 for conservation. 

Tamil Nadu:  The Dindigul Graves, Dindigul:  A second grant of £1,040 was made.

Hyderabad: the cemetery at the former British Residency:  £7,000 for work in the first phase of the conservation project.

Karnataka: St Thomas’ Church Cemetery, Shimoga (Shivamogga): a £500 grant towards the repair of the boundary wall.

Maintenance grants were made to cemeteries in Agra, Calcutta, Chandranagar, Jhansi, Kotah and Meerut.

Future Plans

Himachal Pradesh: Kanlog Cemetery, Simla.  Continue to encourage the local community to conserve this graveyard.

Delhi, A project for work at the Nicholson Cemetery is in preparation.  The future of the Gordon Highlanders graves and monument at Badli-Ki-Sarai remains unclear.  The British High Commission is monitoring the situation.

Karikop Cemetery, Nagapatnam.  A grant of £2,000 towards work at this historic graveyard containing 17th c Dutch monuments and British graves is pending confirmation of funding by other donors.

Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow.  The Bandariabagh Cemetery might be suited to a conservation project.

Uttar Pradesh: Etawah.  A local interest group aims to conserve this cemetery.

Mysore (Karnataka): Sultanpet.  A local heritage group aims to conserve this cemetery.

Uttarakhand: Nainital cemeteries.  The India National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and the local community have expressed interest in conserving these graveyards.

Uttarakhand: Camel’s Back Cemetery, Mussoorie.  Requires attention but the local community appears unable to take a decision.

West Bengal: ‘English Cemetery’, Darjeeling.  A member has made a donation towards conserving this historic cemetery.


Dhaka, Narinda Cemetery.  Conservation of the architecturally important 18th century tomb of ‘Colombo Sahib’ remains stalled.


Lahore, Mian Mir Cemetery: a grant of £350 was made towards securing the boundary wall.

Multan.  The old British Christian Cemetery.  The Remedy, Welfare and Development Organization (RWDO) received £2,500 towards boundary wall repairs.    


Melaka: Bukit Serindit Christian Cemetery.  A grant of £550 towards repairs.

Note:  BACSA pays the bank charges for the overseas transfers.


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Latest news on Grants

Bacsa’s Executive Committee has made numerous grants over the last twelve months, among them:

Bangalore: Kulpully Roman Catholic Cemetery.  A grant for photographic record of the cemetery, comprising two images of each tomb, one of the grave as a whole and a close-up of the inscription.

The inscription to xxx.  one of the photographs taken in the Kulpully Roman Catholic cemetery.

The grave of Emily Grace Grey, one of the photographs taken in the Kulpully Roman Catholic cemetery.

Kotah cemetery, Rajasthan.  One of the cemeteries in receipt of a regular Bacsa maintenance grant.

The cemetery's exemplary condition fully justifies  its maintenace grant.

The cemetery’s exemplary condition fully justifies its maintenace grant..