BACSA receives generous donations every year, both financial and in kind. The majority are from members, but non-members also contribute. We receive reports and photographs of cemeteries visited, and donations for help in locating a relative’s grave. Each issue of Chowkidar carries reviews of books, some of whose authors have donated amounts to BACSA for every copy of their book sold. Some donations are in kind, where people have given their time to do a particular task for the Association, for example reviewing a book for Chowkidar. Although not all donors can be listed, every donation is received with gratitude to further BACSA’s work. Among the donors in 2018 were:

Financial donations
Mr Richard Broyd
The Inchcape Foundation
Mr Alan Tritton
Indus Experiences
The J P Getty Jnr Charitable Trust
The M StJ Way Charitable Trust
Ms Sally Lykiardopoulo

Second-hand books
Miss Briony Watson
The estate of the late Mrs P M Barr
Mrs B Lippett
Mrs C Seville
Lady Wade-Gery
Mr Alan Tritton
Mr & Mrs D Ferris

Cemetery and visit reports and photographs
Dr William Crawley Delhi
Mr Charles Greig Delhi & Meerut
Sir Mark Havelock-Allan Madras
Mr F Chamberlain Calcutta
Mr C Hickie Srinagar
Prof J Richardson Hyderabad
Mr D O’Connor
Kerry King Bangalore
Mrs Phillida Purvis Seringapatam & Nilgiris
Mr Michael Way Delhi, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Bombay
Mr N Green Shillong
Lady Wade-Gery

Donations in kind
Book reviewers for ‘Chowkidar’
Mr John Randall
Mr Omar Khan for his talk at the General Meeting in October

Can you help?

Please explore this site, and if you feel you would like to support our work by becoming a member go to the membership page.

Bacsa also needs members willing to act as Area Representatives, that is people willing to act as a link between local people in their area seeking grants and the Bacsa Executive Committee.  The Area Rep is the channel of communication between the grant recipients and the Executive Committee.  Areas can be large or small depending on how much the Are Rep feels able to take on.

Or if you do not want a long term commitment please consider making a one off donation.